Going Green

Since 2008, we have been concentrating on going green. We started by scanning and digitizing our new files and have since completely scanned and digitized all open and closed files. Our practice is geared for litigation with a paperless and digital workflow-utilizing state of the art computers and technologies. Our digital office allows us to conserve energy and space with very little use of paper, toner, mailings, and file cabinets. In addition we recycle paper and equipment as well as re-purpose or donate older equipment. We donate to the local schools both in time and equipment. We scan and shred most of our paper with Shred-it.

We have installed high efficiency lights and other equipment. The Apple computers we use are known for their energy efficiency green features. Link to Apple

We transmit data in electronic digital format whenever possible, saving on postage, transportation and carbon emissions. We utilize digital scanning, faxing and email. Our data is available to us 24/7 from our office and on the road with our computers and devices.

This allows us to have your file at our finger tips at trial and in court hearings and proceedings. We utilize state of the art equipment from Macintosh computers, to high definition projectors, high resolution monitors and screens to facilitate easy viewing in court. We often receive compliments on the organization and manner in which we can quickly present trial exhibits and material to the courts and jurors.



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